About the artist

Dionis Carter is a textile designer with a focus in illustration and pattern. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016, with a BFA in Fibers.

Dionis uses traditional and non-traditional drawing, fiber, and sculptural processes to create original and meaningful designs. Her designs, though informed by history and tradition, are inspired by issues in contemporary society, such as environmental activism, empathy, apathy, and human identity. Raised in both the rural woodlands of Sherborn, Massachusetts, and on the shores of Nantucket Island, she grew up infatuated with the natural world. She has a fascination with the patterns she sees in nature and society. She hopes to incorporate travel into her work as a way to experience nature, history, and art around the world to further inform her work. She fills spare time with reading, cooking, pondering, and ambling. 

"My work centers in creating spaces that communicate with, affect, stir, and hopefully inspire the viewer. I want to raise questions and spark awareness; to build a ground for kindness while encouraging creativity, empathy, curiosity, activism, and positivity. I want my work to be accessible to all and in its accessibility relate people to one another, creating dialogue within society—to change the world for the better, socially, politically and environmentally."